Sparkle Mi Face Painting

Have you ever seen a child’s face lights up when they looks in the mirror? Have you noticed  how a child totally becomes the character that’s painted on their face, roaring  as a tiger or saving the world as a superhero? We see this everyday, and it never gets old! There is a magical , transforming effect when face painting is done by Mobile Video Game Station.

Product Information

Face Painting:


Face Painting Products We Use

All products we use are considered safe and non-toxic and are made up of ingredients that are FDA-compliant for use on human skin that includes water base /mom improves  .

Removal of Face Paint

Since the face paint is actually a water-based cosmetic product, it is removed with water as well.  Small designs or lighter colors may be easily removed with a baby wipe.  For larger designs or those containing darker colors, all you need is a little bit of soap and water.

2- Hours $140

4- Hours $350

6- Hours $500

*Glitter Tattoos, Bling and Unicorn Horns are extra $30

Call us for availability 870.932.0037

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