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The Monkey Motion Pole system is allows more participants to enjoy the attraction during the event time. The Monkey Motion Extreme Air Quad Pods is one of our most popular attractions. Everyone loves the Extreme Air Bungee Jumper system. If you like jumping, this will be a thrill for you!

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"Kadence Express Train " This trackless train holds up to 12 small children. Choo choo‼️

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"Hamiltons Rock Wall " The mobile rock climbing wall can be set up on a firm surface and ready in minutes as it arrives on a portable trailer.

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The mobile climbing tower is run by fully trained operating staff to ensure safe use of the climbing wall. Harnesses are worn by all climbers and these are included in our price. Climbers may range from 45 lbs to a maximum of 250 lbs. Average time per climber is about 3 minutes

"The Keegan Dolphin Ride" holds up to 8 kids from range 6 months to 5 years of age!

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